Training to Take Your Team From High Stress to High Performance

Stress Less and Get More Done offers coaching, consulting, and training designed to help your employees build the skills to handle pressure, work smarter, and crush their goals.

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Over 3,000 successful students at leading organizations worldwide.

Ways I Can Help Your Team

Each engagement is custom to your team. Below are some of the programs I run for companies and individuals.

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Stress Less and Get More Done 

My signature program that helps take your team form high stress to high performance. 

Learning Outcomes:

  • Develop the skills to manage stress and adversity at work.
  • Run¬†your day¬†effectively and¬†focus on the right things.
  • Navigate tough conversations effectively.
  • Implement¬†a roadmap¬†for consistent¬†performance.¬†

Offered custom for company engagements and available on demand with the link below. 

Stress Less and Get More Done Overview

Manager Development

My leadership programs offer practical techniques, live feedback and coaching on their challenges.

Sample Topics:

  • Getting the most from your team with consultative leadership.
  • Multiply your results with effective delegation.
  • Building a high-performing team.
  • Managing up and across.


Offered custom for company engagements and available live cohort style with the link below.

Human Leadership Accelerator Overview

Customer Success Programs

I'll help take your team from firefighters to a strategic revenue generators with my playbooks. 

Sample Topics:

  • The reactive to proactive playbook
  • Becoming¬†a strategic CSM
  • Value based customer success
  • Mastering renewal and expansion motions


Only offered as a custom company engagement at this time. Join the cohort waitlist to get information about this upcoming program. 

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How It  Works

I partner with you and your organization with a combination of consulting, training and coaching to guarantee lasting results.


  • Discovery sessions conducted on your teams background, challenges and goals.
  • Interviews with your team about challenges and obstacles.
  • Pre-session survey to baseline current performance and skill gaps.¬†

Training Roadmap

  • You'll receive a report on skill gaps, areas for improvement¬†and opportunites.
  • You receive a customized action plan based on your specific situation.
  • Full cycle project management¬†so you always know what's next.

Tailored Coaching

  • Monthly Workshops and Office Hours based on areas of strategic prioritization and need.
  • Team members receive 1 on 1 coaching to improve skills.
  • You¬†receive a report on measurable impacts of the program.
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I'm here to help. 

As a former leader who ended up hospitalized due to workplace stress, my mission in life is to help people avoid what happened to me. Since 2021, I've coached thousands of people at some of the biggest companies in the world. 

My Operating Principles:

  • Connection: Skip the meditation apps and generic online trainings. I provide live, custom trainings that drive results and connection.
  • Empowerment:¬†Instead of feeling helpless, help¬†your team gain confidence by building the skills to handle¬†their challenges and focus on the positives.
  • Encouragement: You may have noticed giving people instructions doesn't always lead to change. That's why I focus on the psychology of helping people overcome unhelpful beliefs.
  • Empathy: I'm not a 22 year old life coach or an academic. I've done the job and can relate to the challenges and share expertise on what works and what doesn't.
  • Realistic: The world needs less motivational speakers and more action. Everything I teach is practical, actionable and has worked in the real world.¬†
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Of course - I factor a travel cost into the proposal.

Of Course, I am happy to tailor my content to your group's situation and goals. Set up a call to learn more. 

I offer workshops, keynotes and consulting, you can learn more by going to my services page or scheduling an organizational assessment.

Stress Less and Get More Done Newsletter

Join 4,000 + subscribers getting one actionable strategy a week to beat burnout, work smarter and find balanced success.


Why I do this. 

On January 17th 2019, I checked myself into a hospital after having the panic attack to end all panic attacks. At work of all places.

Months of 80 hour weeks, feeling like I was a failure and worrying about things going wrong at work caught up to me.

At the time, ending up in the hospital was the lowest point of my life. I was ashamed of myself and thought I would be stuck like that forever, and that my life was over.

Now, looking back, it was the best thing that ever happened to me.

I got out of the hospital 4 days later and started looking for answers like my life depended on it, in a way it did.

I read every book I could find, got professional help, and chased getting better with everything I had.

I was able to learn skills that not only made my life better but took my professional life to a level I couldn't imagine.

Then I had this lightbulb moment of “I wish someone had taught these skills to me earlier" so that's exactly what I started doing.

Against all odds, I went from completely hopeless to teaching over 3,000 people at some of the biggest companies on earth.

I started doing this to help people avoid what happened to me. I'd love to help you and your team.

The people most prone to burnout are the people who care the most and work the hardest.

If working together could save just one star employee, how much would that be worth?
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